Wool Socks


Reversible wool socks.

Two Sizes.

Women's size 22 cm to 25 cm in Japanese size equals about 6 to 8.5/9 US size 

Women's size 25 cm to 28 cm in Japanese size equals about 9 to 11 US size (this is the unisex size)


Apple Green/Yellow Green, Green Grey/Coffee, Light Grey/Blue, Brown Grey/ Red, Warm Brown/ Pink, Charcoal Grey/ Blue, Pink/ Pink, Tumeric/ Orange, Oatmeal/ Yellow, Orange/ Orange, Bright Blue/ Blue

100% wool front of sock, nylon back of sock.

Machine wash cold and hang dry.

Woven without rubber for an added benefit of promoting blood circulation in feet and calves.

Colors are close but not exact in photos.

□ Material
The top yarn is made of the highest quality wool yarn, which has an elegant and classy look that you can see at a glance, and the ultimate softness and smoothness that you can feel the moment you touch it. It has been specially processed to be washable so that it does not become felt or harden even when exposed to water. Yes, it overturns the conventional concept of wool ... FTY (a thread made by wrapping nylon around an elastic thread) is used for the middle thread to provide a hugging hold that does not get stuffy without stopping blood circulation and deodorizes. Functionality : The backing thread is made of high-performance nylon thread that has excellent strength and prevents it from losing its shape and slipping off.
□ Design  

●  Inspired by medical supporters, these socks are made of a three-layer structure: outer thread, middle thread, and lining thread. 
The mutual functions of the threads used in each yarn provide a non-rubber fit that does not block blood circulation, is resistant to friction and heat changes, and has a sterilizing and deodorizing effect that eliminates the smell of sweat. Many of the functions that are said to be appreciated by socks are packed into one pair. The heel part is angled inward, making it difficult to take off.

●  With the renewal in 2020, the sewing part of the toe has been changed from machine sewing to a linking method that connects stitches. The connecting part is soft and flat, making it possible to wear it reversibly. The blend ratio of the materials that come into contact with the skin and shoes on the front and back of the shoe changes, resulting in changes in comfort, warmth, and friction durability. 
▶︎ Wear it on the front/It absorbs sweat, dries easily, and doesn't slip off easily.
▶︎ Back shoes / warm and resistant to friction