• Hibi 10 Minutes Aroma

    Incense Matches

  • $10.00

  • The brand name hibi means ‘day to day’, or daily, in Japanese. It was given with the hope that you would keep it around you every day and freely enjoy its fragrance, matching each day’s mood or occasion. Collaboration between Kobe Match Co. (and Daihatsu Co (both 80 yr. history)

    8 sticks / with exclusive mat

    000- Japanese Cypress

    A balancing woodsy, earthy fragrance.
    - For the times you need inward focus and calm.

    001- Lemongrass

    The sweet and sour/bittersweet scent of lemon and something that reminds you of a green meadow are freshness itself.
    - For the times when you want to restore and refresh yourself.

    002- Lavender

    An Elegant floral fragrance.
    - For the times when you want to soothe your mind or in the moments before going to sleep.

    003- Geranium

    A fragrance that blends the sweetness of a rose with a green note.
    - For the times when you want to restore the balance of an insecure spirit.


    005- Tea Tree

    A Spicy fragrance with cool freshness.
    – For the times when you want to calm your frustrations or feeling of depression and feel refreshed.

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