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The proposal of a comfortable and playful knitted socks with an innovative structure.

2019 spring summer "fake"

When people try to show their dreams, they get scared,
If you try to speak for the sake of people, it will be fake. 
People are complex, and the world involved is more complex ...In fact, it is worthwhile to match the idea that people are showing the real thing
It exists only in books that people can not enter
It may be something like a dream.

This season's himkashi is
Ambiguous correctness, ugly definition of the real thing 
Material of functional fake of chemical fiber which was made just like natural fiber.
A surprisingly comfortable fake fit that adds functionality to natural materials.
A fake design that comes from a non-theory structure.
Focus only on the values ​​that people can wear and feel
Centers on realistic fakes that are considered to be for people.