Christian Peau

Since 2002, Junji Koike has created a brand that is almost contradictory in nature — raw yet polished, artisanal yet avant-garde. Implementing a range of leathers of the finest quality, including python and crocodile, all are CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certified. Junji often opts for such exotic leathers rather than conventional cowhides as a choice driven by sustainability and environmental consciousness. Distinguished by exceptional leather treatments and butter-soft finishes, he draws upon the crafting traditions of 18th century Europe in both handbag and clothing collections. In his clothing offering, Junji repurposes antique jacquards and Japanese kinsha silks from the 1950s, a textile known for its lightness and finery. 

In addition to the influence of Italian and French tailoring in his garments, Junji continues a long tradition of Japanese aesthetics. Sabi, the beauty of natural patina and aging, is present in antique fabrics, while yūgen, profound grace and subtlety, reveals itself in a button down dress created from antique silks and a hand-processed, hand-dyed, hand-painted and hand-sewn tote made from exotic leathers.