Mint Sweatshirt


Cotton sweatshirt in mint. Round neckline. Ribbing at neck, cuffs and hem.

This is a special item made of jersey knitted in Wakayama using thick yarns at twice the density of normal hoodies, with a natural dye process. The durability of the fabric itself is of course enhanced by the high-density knitting, and because it is dyed and washed thoroughly, it is an excellent item that does not shrink even if it is put in the dryer. The back of the fabric is made up of three layers: the front side, the back side, and the surface connecting the two sides. This makes the fabric stretchable and warmer because it contains plenty of air between the three layers.

What is "NATURAL DYE"? Natural dyes are made from plant flowers, leaves, stems, bark, pericarp, or minerals using new ideas and techniques, and dyed using a robust technique that does not use mordant dyes. Usually, when dyeing by extracting pigments from plants, only smoky colors can be expressed instead of vivid colors, or colors may fade. ATON is dyed with "NATURAL DYE" so that you can feel it in your brain and skin.

OVERSIZED SWEAT SHIRT >This sweatshirt was made with reference to vintage college sweatshirts sold in the purchasing department of a university in Los Angeles in the 1970s. It features T-shirt-like side sleeves for a casual look. The triangle on the cuffs and the "A" on the chest are inherited from the hoodie.

Measurments taken laid flat:

Sizes: 02 / 04

Underarm width: 22" / 24"

Length: 24" / 28"