Max Frommeld

Glass Spoons


These unique handmade glass spoons are perfect for savoring desserts, stirring sugar into your tea, or simply to behold! The spoons are made in the UK from clear and colored borosilicate glass also known as laboratory glass.

Measurements vary, roughly 3 ¼ inches to 6 inches.

This is a sample of each color in stock in different lengths. You may not receive the exact one pictured, but it will be similar in length when you choose the relatively "shorter" or "longer", or when there is the "in-between" size. The options are also numbered in one image to help distinguish them when ordering. Sold individually. Please select from the options provided.

Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that contains boron trioxide which allows for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This means it will not crack under extreme temperature changes like regular glass. As a result, the spoons are hard wearing and can be put in the dishwasher, or stirred directly into a hot much of tea. As this is a handmade piece, each spoon is unique and subtly different!

Please remember, it is is glass after all! Handle with care. Please do not drop them on the floor or on any hard surfaces. They will break!