Washi Paper Incense


[[Restocked with a new variety, Japanese cypress]]

An innovative form of smell that paints the air

Ku is a washi (Japanese paper) that releases fragrance without a need to be burned. Designed collaboratively by the incense masters in Awaji Island, Ku has been created by delicately mixing the natural perfumes within the paper and then spreading it out in a thin layer to dry. Now you can enjoy the Japanese culture of "soradaki": the pleasure of enjoying a faint distant bouquet that floats between spaces.

Whether it be on the walls designing the space you are in, or included within letters to loved ones so as to share delightful scents, or to simply enjoy the surroundings by burning a subtly sophisticated incense, Ku becomes an essential soothing part of your daily life.

Tear off a leaf. You can then burn on provided burning pad on ashtray or appropriate surface. 

Sage- A fresh scent similar to the scent of Artemisia.

Tea Tree- A clean and cooling scent.

Geranium- A delicate sweet scent similar to a rose, mixed with a fresh green scent.

Japanese Cypress- A familiar Japanese scent, calm and comfortable as a forest bath.

Length 10"
1 "branch" of Washi Paper with 24 leaves to burn
Burn time is approx. 3 min. each leaf

Made by Daihatsu and TRUNK DESIGN