Cul de Sac

Hiba Wood Toothgel


Aomori hiba and spearmint toothgel.

Aomori hiba is famous for its use for a building material. The aomori hiba historically was used to build Japanese shrines, Buddhist temples, castles, etc. Extracted from natural hiba oil from the wood waste aomori hiba wood through water vapor distillation. This toothgel is formulated with aomori hiba essential oils which have a crisp refreshing fragrance and is made using only naturally derived ingredients. Brushing the teeth with this gel will be effective for tooth whitening, preventing tooth decay, ensuring fresh breath, cleaning the interior of the mouth, removing plaque, and preventing tartar deposits. It can give the feeling of actually being in a forest and can expand the possibilities for relaxation benefits provided to people by natural materials. 

Purified water (wetting agent), glycerin (wetting agent), sodium carboxymethylcellulose (thickening agent), sorbitol (wetting agent), carbonic acid Calcium (cleaning aid), hydrous silicic acid (base), xylit (sweetener), hydroxyapatite (cleaning aid), ε-polylysine 10% solution (wetting agent), grapefruit seed extract (wetting agent), dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (flavoring agent), hinokitiol (flavoring agent), sodium citrate (ph adjuster), sodium bicarbonate (cleaning agent), L-menthol (cooling agent), spearmint oil (flavoring agent), Hiba essential oil (flavoring agent)