Amour Propre


Amour Propre is a thermal nail polish that changes color based on temperature. This polish changes to a bright coral when cold and transitions to pale pink-lilac when warm and features an enchanting lavender shimmer.

This polish echoes the French term's profound meaning—self-love and self-respect.  Its transformative journey mirrors the essence of inner acceptance and positivity. 

When your heart and hands freeze over with bitter cold, behold the coral canvas that echoes the strength of knowing one's worth—a vibrant testament to self-respect. Yet, as warmth envelops, witness the tender transformation into a pale pink-lilac, a gentle reminder that within self-love resides the palette of tranquility. Adorned with a shimmer that mirrors the unwavering spirit within, Amour Propre is more than a polish—it's an ode to the graceful dance of self-acceptance.

Please note that thermal polishes dry to a matte finish. We recommend applying our clear finishing coat.