• Incense

    Tobiume Incense

  • $28.00

  • Like Syukohkoku, this is another aloeswood based incense, it is blended with find herbs that enhance the main scent. The main raw materials have been formulated with natural raw materials thus producing a soft aroma with a rich fragrant wood scent. Indonesian aloeswood expertly blended with rich herbs and subtle spices. Smooth burning, perfect for meditation or just scenting your room.

     Legend has it that a poet by the name of Michizane was exiled from Kyoto to Chikuzen. He wept bitterly over the loss of his favorite plum tree, where he had spent his days under the branches composing verse. He prayed that the tree would be sent to him, and one April morning he emerged from his cottage to see the plum tree had uprooted itself and was flying through the air towards him. At this joyful reunion, he called the tree Tobiume, or "sacred flying plum". 

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