• Susanne Kaufmann

    St. John's Wort Oil

  • $34.00

  • The Susanne Kaufmann St. John's wort oil energetic constitutes an especially high dosage with a composition of 20% pure oil. St. John's wort is known for its regenerative and vitalising properties. The strengthening oil is traditionally used for the treatment of scar tissue or light burns. St. John's wort oil is traditionally used as an energetic, intensifying oil especially for back massages, such as Dorn Breuss massages.

    Avoid direct sunlight and visits to solariums after application.

    Glass jar, 50ml/1.7 fluid ounces

    Susanne Kaufmann organic treats combine modern science and the active ingredients of the Alpine plant world to create a highly efficient care system. The natural, innovative and sensitive products are produced in a small operation in the Bregenz Forest according to ecological principles and now have enthusiastic users around the world. Each individual batch is tested and then filled, sealed and packaged by hand in glass jars.

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