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Iribancha Tea


Iribancha is made by roasting tea at high temperature, giving it a distinctive smoky aroma. Yet it has a surprisingly refreshing, delicious taste that goes down smoothly, encouraging you to drink more.

Drink this low-caffeine tea before going to bed, or on a day off when you want to relax.  prepare: 1 teabag in 400ml of water at 212 degrees F for 5 minutes

This distinctive bancha of the Kyoto area is easy to prepare, and makes a good  gift to take when visiting family or to give to friends who live far away.

  • Very strong scent and flavor

    Light/easy to drinkRich/satisfying
  • Taste

  • Fragrance


18 bags


About Ippodo

Located in the heart of Kyoto, Ippodo Tea Co. has been providing the highest quality Japanese green tea for nearly 3 centuries. More than just a retailer, Ippodo is a multi-faceted tea company directly involved in the procurement and blending of carefully selected tea leaves. The teas are of the finest class, cultivated in the lush fields of Kyoto and the surrounding area. This region is renowned for producing the highest grade of green tea in Japan, thanks largely to its mild misty climate, mineral-rich soil and near-perfect balance of sunshine and rainfall.