Kyoto Tsurizome Cotton Pants


A tailored parachute pant in grey cotton. Front pleats, Side pockets, Back slit pockets, elastic and drawstring waist. These pants are characterized by a rounded, parachute-like silhouette with volume at the hips. They have an elastic waistband with a cord running through the belt, so they can be adjusted and worn without showing the cord. The special dyeing technique prevents shrinkage and perforation in the washing machine, and this is an easy-care item that does not require ironing.

This material is a cotton lawn material woven in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, for product dyeing, and dyed in Nishijin, Kyoto with *“Sumizome" and other product dyeing techniques. By applying a special process to the fabric before dyeing in Kyoto, the density of the fabric itself is increased and the material becomes more elastic, resulting in a "bending" characteristic of the material when it is finished.

* What is Sumi-Dyeing?

Sumi ink, which is made from glue, soot, and spices, was introduced to Japan from the Korean Peninsula around 610. It has been used in important books in Japan since ancient times, and from the Edo period (1603-1867), it became popular for ink painting, etc. In Nara Prefecture, ink production was also practiced by the private sector. The ink produced in Nara was improved for dyeing, and the products were slowly and carefully dyed in Kyoto.

100% cotton 

Made in Japan

Cold wash, hang dry.

Measures flat:  Size O2

waist:  14-17.5"

hips:  24"

length: 40"