E Chavassieux

EC1 Knives


The E. Chavassieux cutlery manufactures exceptional knives with simple design, simple, straight and perfectly re-grindable. A unique know-how that allows you to create a quality knife that brings to your table, your snacks, a touch of comfort and serenity.

Made in Thiers, the EC1 knife will give another dimension to your tables. A martensitic steel blade {stainless steel with high carbon content, hardened to obtain a great hardness while keeping a good flexibility. Very good cutting quality and easy regrinding} for outstanding cut performance and a sleek POM {polyoxymethylene, a  polymer required by professional cutlery makers, specially designed for prolonged use in contact with hot water, detergents and aggressive cleaning products} design handle, a durable professional material. 

A simple knife, straight, and perfectly reachable...

The EC1 knife is sold is sets of two or six, wrapped in the Japanese way in a double thick linen fabric, folded and tied with a cotton cord.