Mosquito Incense Coil

Kikka Senko Small Coil Mosquito Incense


I use these coils every summer for outdoor dinners and love them!! Always complements on the earthy scent. And keeps the mosquitos away. The coils are organic and made with no harmful chemicals.

Each coil lasts about three hours in a still/covered environment. 32 coils in a box. Large coils are about 4.5" in diameter.  Small coils about 3" in diameter.

Aromatic Grass, Chrysanthemum Powder and Tree Powder (Tabu)
If you have allergies to the above items, please use with caution.

The incense coils are dried naturally to maximize the repellent and aromatic properties and effectiveness.

Made in Japan

The coils are packaged two together as one so please separate before use. In addition, light only one area of the coil at a time.
Comes with a small tin incense holder that you can place on a dish or in a bowl.

Shown with this smudge pot designed by Makoto Koizumi. You can set on a surface or hang from a tree.

Burn outside or in a well-ventilated area.
Please be sure to dispose of the ash after use.

Please use this product in metal or ceramic vessels.