Eva Masaki

001 Peach Sunglasses


The Eva Masaki 001 frame, an updated Jackie O style, is made for personal expression with a hexagonal frame and calming color. Sensibly oversized and narrow through the temples, the frame is designed to fit a wide range of face shapes. A limited production (1 of 12) handmade in Northern Italy from cellulose acetate by Mazzucchelli and Zeiss lenses with anti-reflective purple interior coating. 100% UV protection.

Clear peach sunglasses with brown lens.

When other cases are an afterthought, Eva Masaki makes them the focus. From a collaboration with Mint Designs out of Tokyo, Japan, the signature graphic pattern in Eva Masaki Pantone purple is printed on a durable cotton canvas FABRIK produced by Medicom Toy Corporation. Embossed leather interior. Made in Japan.