Ippodo Tea Co.

Organic Hojicha Tea


This tea is cultivated and processed under conditions that comply with the requirements for JAS organic certification, which is equivalent to the EU and USDA organic certification. Organically grown tea leaves are cultivated entirely through natural processes until harvested, so the size of the harvest and flavor of the tea vary from year to year. The difficulty of cultivating organic tea leaves of stable quality and quantity in challenging conditions makes them very rare. We think you will truly enjoy our Organic Hojicha, which possesses the natural, strong flavor and fragrance that Ippodo demands.

Hojicha's appeal is its mild taste and wonderful aroma. The rich roasted aroma that fills the air the moment you pour on the hot water and the pleasant fragrance that infuses the palate with the first sip defuse tension in your mind and body. Enjoy it as a tea for relaxing or for drinking with confections at teatime.

Instructions for preparing the tea are printed on the back of the package in English and Japanese.

To brew:

  • measure leaves to 4tbsp
  • add hot water to 240ml/8oz pot at 100ºC/212ºF
  • brew still for 30 seconds
  • serve, pour out every drop!

About Ippodo

Located in the heart of Kyoto, Ippodo Tea Co. has been providing the highest quality Japanese green tea for nearly 3 centuries. More than just a retailer, Ippodo is a multi-faceted tea company directly involved in the procurement and blending of carefully selected tea leaves. The teas are of the finest class, cultivated in the lush fields of Kyoto and the surrounding area. This region is renowned for producing the highest grade of green tea in Japan, thanks largely to its mild misty climate, mineral-rich soil and near-perfect balance of sunshine and rainfall.