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    Wakayanagi Tea

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  • Yanagi tea is a coarse-leaf version of sencha. While sencha is blended from younger leaves, yanagi is blended from larger, more mature leaves. The overall taste of yanagi is somewhat similar to that of sencha, though without sencha's characteristic sweetness. But if you prefer a casual tea that has a sharp refreshing flavor with a light bitterness, then yanagi is a good choice for you.

    Our highest grade yanagi is Wakayanagi. With Wakayanagi, you can enjoy a double benefit: sencha-like taste with bancha's ease of preparation (just add boiling water).Wakayanagi goes well with meals. It is ideal for refreshing the palate between courses and before/after meals. It is also a good choice for ochazuke (tea poured over rice accompanied by Japanese pickled vegetables).

    To brew:

    • measure leaves to 2tbsp
    • add hot water to 240ml/8oz pot at 100ºC/212ºF
    • brew still for 30 seconds
    • serve, pour out every drop!

    About Ippodo

    Located in the heart of Kyoto, Ippodo Tea Co. has been providing the highest quality Japanese green tea for nearly 3 centuries. More than just a retailer, Ippodo is a multi-faceted tea company directly involved in the procurement and blending of carefully selected tea leaves. The teas are of the finest class, cultivated in the lush fields of Kyoto and the surrounding area. This region is renowned for producing the highest grade of green tea in Japan, thanks largely to its mild misty climate, mineral-rich soil and near-perfect balance of sunshine and rainfall.

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