Eva Masaki

Taea Dune Sunglasses

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The always classic TAEA frame from Eva Masaki designed in lightweight metal with colorful acetate rims. The namesake of Masaki’s young daughter Taea, the slightly oversized shape is designed to fit a wide range of face shapes. A limited production (1 of 10) handmade in Northern Italy with Zeiss lenses. 100% UV protection. 

Matte gold metal. Sand-colored acetate rim with gradient brown lens.

A special case made with Japanese designer Miki Nagamine of RAKU who makes leather shoes out of her shop in San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico. Cut from sturdy Horween leather, the case is finished with three white beads on the strap and closes with a hand-carved wooden clasp. Like Miki’s shoes, the case is designed to “become part of the wearer’s comfortable life and bring a little bit of joy.” Handmade in Mexico. Oxblood