Le Sixième Parfum Le Sixième Parfum


Le Sixième Parfum

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YOUR WAY TO: Intuition, Wisdom, Vision

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Floral Woody Musk – warm, vibrant, creamy, buttery, velvety, visionary, juicy

WHERE IT WORKS: Third Eye Chakra – Ajna – The Vortex of Wisdom is located in the center in between the eyebrows on the forehead.


INGREDIENTS: Le Sixième Parfum opens with an uplifting accord of juicy bergamot, tartlemon and spicy pink pepper evolving to an emotional velvet heart of romantic osmanthus absolute, moody orris concrete and lush jasmine absolute. Ultimately grounded by a seductive palette of patchouli, labdanum, suede, cedar wood, ambroxan and musk, the multi-sensory transformation is complete and crystalline clarity is achieved.

HOW IT WORKS: Combining bright vibrancy with smoldering warmth, Le Sixième Parfum tantalizes the senses to harmonize mind, body and spirit for divine unification of the whole self. When fully illuminated, both hemispheres of the brain are synchronized, integrating the creativity and synthetic thinking of the right with the logical and analytical thought processes of the left hemisphere.

MEANING: This Chakra is about seeing clearly, both literally and intuitively combining insight with instinct. Our Third Eye Chakra – or Ajna Chakra – is the 6th energy center also referred to as “the sixth sense”. Ajna connects us to our most inner voice as a gateway to being psychic and telepathic, at times receiving messages from the past or from the future.

Physically it may relate to diseases in the head affecting the small brain, face, eyes, ears, nose, sinus, pineal gland and nervous system.

EFFECTS: When the Third Eye is open we have a heightened sense of awareness, perception and clairvoyance. This gives us better direction in life and access to faster healing and easier decision making. Ajna inspires our visions, dreams and imagination leading to startling creativity and problem solving.

If this chakra is closed, clear thoughts are obscured, memory lost and we are easily confused. We may rely on others for guidance and direction, slowly starting to loose ourselves and our purpose.



50ml/1.7 fl oz