Le Quatrieme Parfum Le Quatrieme Parfum


Le Quatrieme Parfum

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YOUR WAY TO: Stability, Safety, Grounding

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Oriental – a grounding meditative, warm scent that fuels connection

WHERE IT WORKS: Root Chakra – Muladhara
The most physical energy center is located at the base of the spine, the very floor of the pelvis rooting from your legs into the earth


INGREDIENTS: Le Quatrième Parfum conjures the scent of rum, an invigorating liquor blended in the heat of the islands, intertwined with smoky, organic tobacco leaves. This deep, Oriental fragrance stimulates the body at its base, with essences of Myrrh and Resinoid, Indonesian Patchouli and Peru Balsam. Heady top and mid notes of honey, vanilla, and plum intoxicate the senses, pulling you towards earth, stirring a tempest within the body.

HOW IT WORKS: Orchestrated to engage with the Root Chakra, Le Quatrième Parfum is grounding and lush. Like the deep and sturdy roots of a tree, the root chakra is the stem of life, the smoldering origin of our existence, seated at the basal end of the spine and in the legs. With a balanced root chakra, you are at once instinctual, magnetic and in control.

MEANING: This first chakra of our energy system is the foundation of the other 6 Chakras and your life. The root chakra is all about your survival needs: food, clothes and shelter – whatever it is you require to have stability in your life. This includes as well your emotional needs such as letting go of fear and coming back to trust and faith that you are safe and you have enough. Arriving at being grateful for what you have instead of looking what is Missing.

Physically this Chakra affects your balance and adrenals and influences the health of your lower back, sciatica, bones, colon, pelvic floor, tailbone, legs and feet.

EFFECTS: When the root chakra is open we feel present in the here and not knowing that our physical space is sufficient, respected and connected to us. We trust and feel supported.

When the root chakra is closed, we feel lost, in space and mind, we stand on shaky grounds and don‘t know where we are going which may feed anxiety, airiness and paranoia. You may be fearful of change, feel stuck and greedy.



50ml/1.7 fl oz