Le Cinquieme Parfum Le Cinquieme Parfum


Le Cinquieme Parfum

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YOUR WAY TO: Communication, Truth, Authenticity

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Woody aromatic – honestly seductive and openly intimate

WHERE IT WORKS: The Throat Chakra – Vishuddha – Purity is located in the neck and throat region allowing energies from other chakras to be truthfully expressed


INGREDIENTS: Melding the strength of aromatic woods, fiery amber, a burst of mint, basil and sage with sun warmed Italian Bergamot, velvet musks and Somalian incense, Le Cinquième Parfum reveals seductive duality, enveloping the spiritual and arousing the physical giving way to unbridled creativity.

HOW IT WORKS: Choreographed to vitalize the Throat Chakra, the intimate, mellifluous voice of the body, Le Cinquième Parfum portrays the desire for being yourself and melts conflicts away.

MEANING: The first of the three spiritual Chakras is our center of expression and motivates us to be ourselves and follow our true calling and highest truth through word, thought and action. Our verbal and non-verbal communication voices through this Chakra our deepest opinions and beliefs.

Physically it feeds our voice, speech, sing abilities and metabolism affecting the health of our throat, mouth, tongue, cervical spine and Thyroid Gland.

EFFECTS: When the Throat Chakra is open we communicate with ease, tactful and diplomatic, we feel connected with our surroundings and interact with others making our voice heard which gives us faith and understanding.

When the Throat Chakra is closed we have challenges to agree or say “no!”, often ending up in non-voluntary silence, shy or stuttering.



50ml/1.7 fl oz