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Splotched Skirt Vegetable-Dye

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Mid length skirt in linen, patterned with splotches of vegetable-dye in hues of light brown, grey and ochre. Elasticized waistband. Two side pockets. Sheer separate/removable lining.

Material: 100% Linen.

100% Cotton Lining

Made in Japan.

One Size.

Measures flat:

Waist unstretched, 11"

Length, 33"


Handling of vegetable-dyed garments:

This garment is 100% vegetable-dyed.

The color will gradually turn softer and transform with time as it is worn.

Initially the dye may rub off when dry and wet.

 Citrus juice can bleach the color of the garment, thus rinse off immediately.

Extended exposure to sunlight, as well as fluorescent light, can alter the color of the dye. Store away from such light.