Massimo Palomba

Calliope Smoke

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A versatile rucksack made from calf leather in a greyish putty color. The inside of the bag is lined with blue canvas and has zipper and open pouch pockets. There is a zipper pocket on the outside. The main closure is a pull string. The leather is not yet worked so might need more plying to completely close, but this will get softer (and better looking!) over time with use and wear. 

Handmade in Italy in limited edition, Nº 7/100.

Measures approximately 16 x 12 x 5 inches with shoulder cords that measure about 21 inches from where they meet the bottom to the top when worn as a rucksack. This same cord can be pulled up vertically to convert into a shoulder bag with a strap of 30 inches. There is an additional shorter cord strap knotted in that allows you to carry it by hand as well, this one measures only as wide as the bag, 12 inches.