Apappe Mayajifu

Salty Pepper


I first purchased these peppers at the Organic market in Tokyo and loved them!

Translated from the website:

"Simple just salted Sri Lankan pepper.

Spicy and spicy. Whole peppercorn.

It is an exciting raw pepper.


Because it is salted, if you can put it in the refrigerator

I will keep it for a long time. (about 6 months)

Please try out the taste of raw pepper unique."

40g jar. Bottled/Produced in Japan.


"Apappeimayazif's commitment to pepper

ApaPepema Yazif's pepper is growing with other spices such as cinnamon and clove · coffee in the Sri Lankan virgin forest .Without adding extra person's hands in the forest, ApaPepema Yazif is committed to not using chemicals as well as of course All our products deal with ingredients made in nature. "I want to deliver safe and secure things to customers" I am developing products with this one thought ."